Be Grateful

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

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Life is not easy. Everyone suffers setbacks and disappointments. I have seen a good business suddenly find itself fighting to survive because of a totally unexpected event. Friends who have achieved success in all areas of their life have lost their children due to tragic accidents. My oldest brother, a good man of strong faith, died too young at 65 after a two year struggle with cancer.

We struggle to understand why. For comfort, we try hard to figure out why such things happen. But this only adds to our angst because if there is a reason we will probably never know what it is. Sometimes, things just happen for no reason at all.

My wise nephew helped me gain a better perspective. "Trying to find the answer will never bring you peace," he told me, "because you are asking the wrong question. Knowing will not lessen your grief or anxiety. Instead, you must acknowledge that it exists and find something to offset it, to bring balance in your life."

Being grateful for what you do have is how you achieve this balance. Don't just focus only on what you do not have in your life. Look for the things, the people that are part of your life every day, that give texture to your life. The morning cup of coffee, the cold beer on a hot Sunday afternoon, the neighbors who are always willing to help, a day at the beach or hiking in the woods, your family,

Take stock every night before you go to sleep. For me, at bedtime, if my roof is not leaking, there is food in the pantry, and my family is with me and healthy, then, oddly, not much else seems to matter. I realize how fortunate I am, and that I've made it through another day. For that, I'm very grateful.

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