How Do You Use a Spreadsheet?

I have worked on a lot of spreadsheets over the years and it amazes me how many uses people find for them.

Here's a list of just some of the ways people have used a spreadsheet. Note that none of these are financial models or cash projections.

  1. Track inventory production.

  2. Track employee productivity.

  3. Log traffic and maintenance activity at a drawbridge.

  4. Manage investment portfolio.

  5. Maintain mailing lists.

  6. Schedule employees in a doctor's office.

  7. Log employee work hours.

  8. Track production problems on an assembly line.

  9. Track vendor payments.

  10. Track buyer payments.

  11. Manage projects - a furniture manufacturer's representative.

  12. Manage projects - a freelance author.

  13. Accounting for Amazon website business.

  14. Project management - construction company.

  15. Track and manage gym memberships.

  16. Tracking numbers inventory for a T-Shirt manufacturer.

  17. Attendance log for a trade school.

  18. Sales commission calculations.

  19. Roofing company project forms.

  20. Engineering defects tracking.

  21. Auction management.

  22. Fitness competition log.

  23. Meeting schedule and agenda.

  24. Greeting card order form.

  25. Oilfield downhole tool CAD/CAM.

Please leave a comment below and let me know how you use a spreadsheet in your business.

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