Spreadsheet Requirements 4 - Concepts

In this post, we look at key concepts concerning requirements for spreadsheet application projects.

First, let's define exactly what is meant by a requirement. A requirement

  • Is a property that the spreadsheet application must have to provide value to a stakeholder

  • Specifies what should be implemented

  • Describes how the spreadsheet application should behave.

A good project requirement will have the following characteristics:

  • Complete and correct

  • Feasible

  • Necessary

  • Prioritized

  • Unambiguous

  • Verifiable

  • Can be modified if necessary

  • Traceable - in case there is ever a question as to why something is done a particular way.

Requirements can be categorized as follows:

Business Requirements

- The high-level objectives of the organization

- Why the company is implementing the spreadsheet application

User Requirements

- The tasks the user must perform with the software

Functional Requirements

- What the developer must build into the software so that the Business and User Requirements are met

Review this list when you begin your project and after you have completed requirements development. Doing so will help ensure that you have a good foundation for your project and that you will avoid unnecessary delays and expense due to scope creep.

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